DCA Thomson.
Exhibition organized by DCA (Dundee Contemporary Arts) and in partnership with DC Thomson for the 80st anniversary of two his comics, "The Broons" and "Our Wallie".
The Dundonians was inspired by my previous works about families’ pictures and the comic “The Broons”.  I wanted to find a way to involve people and create their own family pictures and/or memories.
In line with this idea, I've developed it to create the Dundee family. 
I painted one mural representing my childhood living room. People could take their “family portraits” in front of it and create their memories. 
There was an hashtag which was #WeAreDundonians to easily collect all the photos through social platforms.
On the weekend from the 25th the the 27th of November 2016 we put a call for everyone who wanted to have a chance to be chosen and be represented on painted portraits done with my personal style.  
With family I dindn’t mean only the canonical family (father, mother and children) but it could have been a group of students that share the same flat, a community of a small neighbour, a group people that work together and so on..
Artists video: 

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